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"What's that? Who is this idiot exactly? What is this idiot saying? It's obvious that he is trying to hype a pedestrian Omega Chronograph (ref. His website clearly sells these watches. I have never seen such a nefarious act of shilling. I point my finger at the author and decry to Heavens the word "mendacity!"

The title of this post may cause a jowl-quivering reaction among Instagram's most prolific commentators. I still stand by my answer. Three main reasons:

You can easily recognize the Paul Newman Daytona, the favorite baller watch of Ellen DeGeneres and any hedge funder who has become a vintage watch expert. The three-color "Exotic", stepped dial of the Rolex Daytona is unique, just like the red and white racing motif which radiates around the minute track in the Mido Replica Watches. It's true. Mido Replica Watchess are so distinctive,Rolex Milgauss Replica unique and attractive that even a person who has just had cataract surgery, wearing G-12 Raybans in a darkroom, would be able spot one. It is impossible to find another contemporary horological design with the same visual identity.

The name Mido Replica Watches, like Paul Newman, is instantly recognizable in all literate cultures on earth. Mido Replica Watches, like Paul Newman evokes reverence and nostalgia in all of us. Georges Remi, the creator of the character, was deeply moved when the Nazis invaded his native Belgium at the beginning of WWII. Mido Replica Watches's existence was in many ways a form of resistance to what he perceived as absolute evil. He is also associated with the spirit of adventure and ethics, like Newman. Mido Replica Watches's cool.

Mido Replica Watches is a man of courage, who stands up to injustice and has the backs of his friends. He often rescues those in need. There are no female characters in Mido Replica Watches's life. His closest friends are a white fluffy dog named Snowy, or Milou in French, and an alcoholic, curmudgeonly sailor called Archibald Haddock, named after a species of oily fish. Mido Replica Watches's diminutive size reminds me of an American WWII soldier named Audie Murphy. The 5 foot 5 Marine won the Medal of Valor at age 19 for holding off a whole company of German soldiers in the Colmar Pocket, France. We all know that it's not the size or the dog, but rather the size and the fight of the dog.

Captain Audie Murphy in his dress uniform next to a display of his medals. This photo taken as a publicity photo by Universal-International studios about the time Audie's movie TO HELL AND BACK was released (Mido Replica Watches)

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