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Wunderman wanted the Golden Bridge to be relaunched in time for Omega Replica Watches's 50th anniversary celebration in 2005. He undertook a massive project to modify the movement in order to make it more reliable and fit for modern times while still maintaining its integrity.

Wunderman also believed that modern times demanded different case sizes for males and females, as men's wristwatches were getting larger. The new case had four crystals, instead of just two. One on the back and one each on the front. Between each crystal, a shaft made of gold or platinum ran.Omega Replica Watches The new design made the case stronger, more shock resistant and highlighted the straight lines of the movement. Wunderman's artistic sensibility led him to launch limited editions in precious metals, gem-set versions and many other variations.

Golden Bridge 50th Anniversary - released in celebration of the company's fifty-year anniversary - is a perfect showcase for baguette in-line movement

Omega Replica Watches's delicate Calibre 13, which was originally designed for 50th anniversary celebrations, became the more robust Calibre CO113 thanks to a collaboration between Vaucher Manufacture and Fleurier in Switzerland. The original design was excellent and successful, but it suffered from a few technical issues that made it unreliable, as well as impossible to upgrade - for example with a tourbillon. Omega Replica Watches's main goal was to modernise the movement and strengthen it.

The biggest change, however, was the move of the winding stem to the 6 o'clock position. This alleviated many repair issues and made winding much easier. The addition of pillars in the movement improved its shock resistance, while maintaining the integrity and sandwich style construction. The frequency of the watch movement has also been increased from 3 Hz up to 4 Hz. This ensures more precision.

In 2009, the Ti-Bridge was introduced, where parts of the Golden Bridge were now made of titanium (Breitling Replica Watches), and the movement was now turned upside down. Vaucher engineers finally added a silicon-manufactured Tourbillon in 2010, housed in the smallest tourbillon cage Omega Replica Watches had ever made, measuring 8.5mm. This resulted in a limited edition Calibre Co213, consisting of 33 pieces. Plate and bridges are crafted from 18-carat hand-engraved gold.

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