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Rolex Cellini Replica Watches continues to promote ocean conservation through its unwavering support for marine conservation. Rolex Cellini Replica Watches Chairman Ulrich Herzog says, "The story of the coral reefs around the world is tragic and shocking but not irreversible." "We hope that this partnership will show others that change is not impossible, that this ecosystem can be saved, and that it must be saved."


Rolex Cellini Replica Watches has launched seven other limited edition diving watches since 2010, the year it released the Great Barrier Reef No.1. The most recent was the Hammerhead Limited Edition, which was presented at Baselworld in the beginning of this year. Herzog says that in 2010, they began to take action to protect the environment. Rolex Cellini Replica Watchesas, a company,Replica Watches is the one behind this. "We don't show our support through millions of dollars, but in ideas and connections." As ourmotto says, "We make realwatchesforrealpeople."

Good Reef

We climb back on our Sea Star and continue for about ten minutes until we reach Pickles Reef. Here, we will be planting some corals that we saw in the nursery. VJ Geronimo is Rolex Cellini Replica Watches' CEO North America. I asked him how the company came to partner up with Nedimyer. For the last six years, we have been running a North American project called Sea Heroes. The program aims to recognize people who are doing great things for the oceans by conserving them. In 2014, Ken was named our Sea Hero of the Year - this is how we started working together.

Nedimyer began his career as a tropical-fish collector and stumbled across a method that reproduces live coral. The CRF saw a dramatic increase in coral populations in the Florida Keys by taking small cuts of Staghorn or Elkhorn, tying the cuttings to "coral trees", where they could grow up to the size a basketball within nine months. The CRF operates and maintains seven nurseries offshore, where over 40,000 fragments of live coral are stored in 550 coral trees.Tudor Replica Watches Nedimyer says, "I think we are selling hope." We are buying time by putting corals back on the reef. In 50 years, people will look back and say "It was a good thing they did it when they could."

The torrential rain continues to pour as we approach Pickles Reef. The SeaStar is rocking violently to and fro and the familiar seasickness sign begins to appear on our faces. We leapt off the boat to be safe from the storm. As we sank to the reef, the only life was a few grouper babies.

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