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Rolex Air King Replica Watches is a marine conservation company that works to protect the oceans. I am in the Florida Keys, mid-June. With a wetsuit on, I'm ready to learn about their work. Time is running out to save the coral reef ecosystem. A third of the coral reefs in the world have already been destroyed and the projections are that this number will increase to 60% within the next 30 year. Rolex Air King Replica Watches is investing heavily to conserve coral reefs in partnership with Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF). In 2017, the Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition watch was launched as a way to celebrate the relationship.

Over a torrential downpour and wind, our captain shouts "Divers Ready". Three miles off Key Largo in Florida, the stormy weather front appears to be getting worse as the clouds rage, with the occasional flash of lightning lighting up the sky.

The captain says, "One step on the ladder and then a giant leap in", pointing to the aluminium device that is clattering against the boat's hull as it rocks in the waves. My BCD (Rolex Air King Replica Watches) is fully inflated and I jump in, floating effortlessly on the surface. I then take a few deep breaths with my regulator and let the air out. I was submerged in seconds, and the signs of a storm above had disappeared.

Ken Nedimyer is the President and Founderof the Coral Restoration Foundation. He glides effortlessly among the coral trees, growing the next generation of Staghorn Coral to be planted in the reefs nearby. I descend to meet him. Nedimyer writes "These are nearly nine monthsold" on a waterproof slate. "They are ready to be planted out now."

Wearing the Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition Watch while planting corals at Pickles Reef

The new Staghorn Restoration Limited Edition Diver's Watch is on my wrist. It's the latest in a long list of marine conservation watches released by this brand. The minute hand on the bezel and the central seconds hand radiate a bright orange. They are incredibly clear through the underwater fog.Richard Mille Replica Watches I can read the time of 15 minutes. The pressure gauge on my left hand reads 2,500 bars of air in the tanks. I am ready to proceed. We glide through the nursery with an "OK" sign.

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